A Peaceful Afternoon in Chernihiv | Ukraine


Welcome to Ukraine! Great opportunity t see the Ukrainian daily life as it as. Today we will go to Chernihiv - an interesting historical destination in Ukraine! While watching this film you will transfer to the Monument to Afghan warriors (0:24), Chernihiv State Universal Scientific Library named after V. G. Korolenko (3:19), Chernihiv TV tower (5:33), Hotel “Ukraine” (6:59), light-musical fountain(18:19), Stele and Eternal Flame (20:06), (20:33), City Council House (23:02), Chernihiv Women's High School (24:34), Chernihiv National Technical University (30:16), the palace of Grigory Glibov (32:16) and more! In a short time, you will walk along local parks covered golden fields of fall leaves, discover local main squares, enjoy nice fountains, see into the old architecture from ancient ages.

Admire the beautiful view of Desna River! This film is not only about local destinations, its about TRUE EMOTIONS! Tens of children filled this film with smiles, funny grimaces, and carefree joy! Enjoy every minute as a child! Dive into a calm walking tour filled with beautiful urban scenes and positive emotions! Video From: Chernihiv, Ukraine Video Resolution: 4K Ultra HD Equipment used: Sony a6300 Video Type: urban documentary film Filmmaker: Charu Chandra Editor: Charu Chandra Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

Chernihiv is located in the north of Ukraine, so it differs from other parts of the country in architecture. If you are looking for the calm pretty urban scenes without big-town vanity, you will be delighted with the Chernihiv cityscape and daily life. The abundance of churches and ancient buildings, green parks and nice fountains make this city an interesting destination that will give you a sense of peace and harmony. It is high time to take a break and charge!.

Sumber: 4K Urban Life

Link : https://youtu.be/cTGcY4aFzRY



A Peaceful Afternoon in Chernihiv | Ukraine

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