Danau Kaco | Kerinci - Jambi | Kristian B Hansen


In today's episode from Sumatra, I seek out the legendary Lake Kaco (Danau Kaco) in the jungle of Kerinci, in the Jambi Province. Also known as 'The Mirror Lake' of Kerinci. Before going to Danau Kaco, I ride from Bengkulu, through the Kerinci Seblat National Park before arriving in the Lempur Area, closest to Danau Kaco. Here I stay at Cinnamon Guest House, where I talk to the Neighbours from Java. This is the first time I see the sport, Sepak Takraw, a sport originated from Malaysia and Thailand. Before ending the episode, I show you a preview of the next episode, where I set out to hike the tallest mountain in all of Sumatra, Gunung Kerinci (Kerinci Mountain).

Bagaimana aksi petualangan dari Kristian B Hansen dalam perjalanannya dari Jakarta - Merauke.

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Danau Kaco

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