18/11/21 -The Indonesian Embassy in the Hague introduced Indonesian Spices to the Dutch food and travel influencers on Saturday (13/11). More than just tasting Indonesian dishes, 14 Dutch influencers also experienced how chef Rendy Reanaldy from Hotel Jakarta, Amsterdam turned Indonesian spices into a 'fine dining' menu.

Indonesia is a rich country, more than 30.000 spices grows in Indonesia" Ambassador Mayerfas told the participants at the opening of the event. “At least a dozen of spices are needed to make one Indonesian dish. That also symbolize how Indonesia is. Eventhough there are many tribes, cultures and languages in Indonesia, we strive for one single purpose, unity in diversity, it is the meaning behind our national motto, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika".

The event at the Embassy comprised of a spice workshop by chef Rendy who presented an upscale Indonesian three-course menu, tempe bacem chestnut puree, bebek pallu kaloa and pandan ganache passion fruit. He wanted to show that Indonesian traditional dishes could also presented in 'fine dining' style.

This event was carried out in collaboration with Indonesian-descendant Dutch food blogger, Helena Smit. The owner of Eating Habits blog site guided the participants in a bike tour exploring Indonesian restaurants in and around the Hague. The tour finished in the Embassy where they attended the workshop and had dinner.

“We are flattered to be welcomed by the Ambassador and his team. We are also very fortunate to be able to attend the workshop", said Helena.

Embassy's Coordinator for Information and Socio-cultural Affairs, Febrizki Bagja Mukti explained that the events was aimed to introduce “Spice up the World" concept to the public in the Netherlands.

“We want to disseminate the concept of 'Spice up the World' and make a bigger event for it, but due to the pandemic situation, we had to restrain ourselves. Hopefully by inviting influencers, they will help us to transmit this concept to a greater audience", added Febrizki.

To close the whole event, chicken woku, satay lilit, rendang and karedok being served as the dinner buffet menu.​

Sumber & Foto: (KEMLU RI).


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