Walking Tour | Lviv, Ukraine | 2018


Lviv is one of the largest cities and cultural capitals of Ukraine. Lots of tourists from Europe and many other countries of the world flock to the city all year round to explore this historical gem of Ukraine! It boasts plenty of attractions: museums, colorful buildings, monuments, squares, galleries, coffee shops, old paved streets and more. It’s time to enjoy your trip to this fascinating city in a premium quality 4K UHD. The video was shot in a good quality that provides you incredible experience and lets you immerse in the atmosphere of the city. Lviv is also the city of fun! Lots of festivals and fairs are held in the heart of the city, Rynok Square (in Enhlish it’s called the Market Square). While watching this 4K urban video you will also see beautiful sights such as Lviv Opera House, Palace of Counts Potockis, etc. Learn more about this fabulous city and enjoy the pace of its life. Lviv is calm and hospitable.

Sumber: 4K Urban Life

Link: https://youtu.be/DDWAobR8U0c



Walking Tour | Lviv, Ukraine

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