Visit of General Tojo and the establishment of the Central Advisory Council

Visit of General Tojo and the establishment of the Central Advisory
Council; Japanese propaganda film (1941-1945). Speech of General Tojo in
front of the Japanese parliament on governance in Java. Reception of
Gen. Tojo in Batavia. Establishment of the 'Central Commission of
Advice' in the former People's Council building in Batavia, Speech Ir.
Soekarno for the population.; " Please note: This film is part of a
collection of Japanese films used by the propaganda department of the
Japanese military administration during the Pacific War, when the former
Dutch East Indies (Indonesia now) were occupied by Japan from
1942-1945. Soon after the Japanese capitulation in August 1945 these
films were confiscated by the returning Dutch authorities in Indonesia
and shipped to the Netherlands. The films were released by the
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision after research in cooperation
with NHK Enterprises (Japanese Public Broadcaster) in 2020. These
videos might reflect erroneous, biased or politically extreme ideas."
00.01 Text: A suitable opportunity for the inhabitants of Java to take
part in the government of the country 00.04 Front view of the parliament
building in Batavia 00.07 General Tojo addresses the Japanese
parliament about a government regulation on Java 00.47 Soekarno reads a
statement before 01.06 Close-up Tojo 02.10 Japanese Prime Minister Tojo
arrives on Java. Procession of cars's on the road bordered by cheering
audience waving Japanese flags 02.23 Tojo in car, saluting the audience
02.47 Japanese flag 03.06 Officers get out of the car's 06.18 In the
building of the People's Council, the Japanese army commander gives
information or an explanation about the plans 06. 23 Supreme Officer
Harada Kumakichi gives a speech 08.07 The Central Advisory Committee (to
the Japanese) is established 08.12 General Harara and a group of
Indonesians bow to each other 08.18 Older Indonesian, dressed in adat
suits, comes forward to give a speech 08.31 Building People's Council.
Pillar with Japanese inscription 08.38 Overview of the room where the
ceremony takes place, in pictures the people present, including Harara
and Moh. Hatta 09.28 Front gallery of People's Council building 09.36
Soekarna is holding a speech 10.24 Text: Tammat 10.28 End




Visit of General Tojo and the establishment of the Central Advisory Council

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