The International Conference on Digital Diplomacy is a conference initiated by Indonesia as a follow up to the Regional Conference on Digital Diplomacy (RCDD) that aims to further promote and broaden the exchange of ideas and experiences and seek opportunities for future cooperation in the field of digital diplomacy between countries in the world. The conference will host experts in the field of digital diplomacy and crisis management, coming from think tanks, government officials and institutions from all over the world.

Indonesia has successfully conducted the first RCDD on 10 September 2019, setting the pace as the first regional conference on digital diplomacy in the region and home of the “Jakarta Message”, an Action Plan for cooperation between governments, private sectors, and residents in the region to build regional networks in an effort to strengthen the use of digital technology for diplomatic activities.

This year, ICDD will be held virtually on 16 November 2021 with the theme “Unmasking digital diplomacy in the new normal”. Wearing masks has become an inseparable part of our everyday lives during the pandemic, the so-called New Normal. Covering our mouth and nose to protect ourselves and the people around us. However, on the contrary, digital diplomacy should be unmasked to unleash its full potential to benefit everyone in the world.

Policymaking, including in foreign policy, has been hampered by restrictions, limitations, and unpredictability during the pandemic. However, digital technology has aided in breaking down those barriers. What once seemed difficult, if not impossible, is now attainable.

The ICDD aims to expand and broaden the exchange of ideas, expertise, experiences and seek opportunities for future cooperation in digital diplomacy among countries around the world. ICDD will discuss the issue of :

  • How digital diplomacy has been used in the pandemic;

  • Sharing knowledge, expertise and experience in using digital technologies as diplomatic instruments;

  • Challenges, opportunities, and future of digital diplomacy, including the instrument's effective use thus far;

  • Collaboration and support in regional cooperation to develop tangible goals in digital diplomacy; and

  • Current and future cooperation in digital diplomacy capacity building among participating countries.


ICDD will be attended by various ministers and stakeholders from 21 countries: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Chile, China, Fiji, Finland, India, Indonesia, Japan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UK, USA, and Viet Nam.

In the opening session, each country will be given the opportunity to deliver remarks on the following topics:

Digital Diplomacy for Crisis Management – a general statement and overview of the experience in managing the crisis through diplomacy during the pandemic

Digital Diplomacy in the New Era of Opportunities – a general statement and overview of how to improve the use of digital diplomacy in trade, tourism, investment, and culture in the future

ICDD will have 4 panels that will be held simultaneously, that are;

PANEL 1 - Inclusive Digital Economy: Benefits and Challenges

This panel will discuss how different countries do not have the same opportunities to reap the benefits of the digital economy.


Mr. Timothy Marbun

News Anchor and Executive Producer KOMPAS TV,


  • Mr. Teeranun Srihong

Chairman of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), Thailand

  • Mr. Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing

Fortumo OṺ, Estonia

  • Dr. Shamika N. Sirimanne​

Director of the Division on Technology and Logistics,

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

  • Dr. Moza Suwaidan

Director of Strategy & Innovation,

Dubai Digital Authority​

PANEL 2 - Digital Innovation for SMEs

This panel will discuss how SMEs must innovate to reap the full economic benefits of digital technology in the face of the pandemic.


Mr. Italo Gani

Founder and Managing Partner Impacto, Indonesia


  • Ms. Siti Azizah

Deputy Minister for Entrepreneurship,

Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises, Indonesia

  • Ms. Monika Liikamaa

CEO of Enfuce, Finland

  • Mr. Ebrahim Patel

Director of Minara Chamber of Commerce, South Africa

  • Mr. Rachmat Kaimuddin

       Chief Executive Officer Bukalapak

PANEL 3 - Making Sense of Data and Digital Diplomacy

This panel will discuss how the role of data is critical in raising awareness of and ensuring that the voices of vulnerable and invisible populations are not silenced.


Ms. Amanda Cininta

News Anchor METRO TV, Indonesia


  • Mr. Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, B.Sc.

Director-General for Informatics Applications,

Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Indonesia

  • Mr Ben Bland

Director of the Southeast Asia Program, Lowy Institute

  • Professor Jovan Kurbalija

       Director of DiploFoundation & Head of Geneva

       Internet Platform

  • Ms. Alexandria Walden

       Head of Human Right Affairs, Government Affairs

       and Public Policy, Google

PANEL 4 - Big Data and Crisis Management

This panel will discuss how false information affects diplomacy and how to narrow the digital divide between countries.


Ms. Andini Effendi

News Anchor KOMPAS TV, Indonesia


  • dr. Anas Ma`ruf, MKM

Head of Data and Information Center

Ministry of Health, Indonesia

  • Prof. Corneliu Bjola

Associate Professor of Diplomatic Studies,

University of Oxford

  • Mr. Petrarca Karetji

Head of Pulse Lab Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Dr. Stephen MacFeely

Director of Data and Analytics

World Health Organization.

Sumber & Foto: (KEMLU RI).


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