Inside Ukraine Invasion front line

Sun reporter Jerome Starkey was forced to take cover from Russian shells exploding on the front line on Friday. Russian missiles pounded Ukraine as families cowered in shelters and air raid sirens wailed across the major cities on the second day of Putin's full-scale invasion. But Russia also appeared to be advancing on the outskirts of Kharkiv nearly 300 miles away as Russian forces drove deeper into Ukraine. Our Sun man Jerome was forced to duck for cover with Ukrainian troops as Russian shells rained down nearby. Reporting from the outskirts of the city, Jerome said: "Everyone just had to take cover... we could hear the shells going over." Dramatic footage filmed on the front line showed a Ukrainian soldier diving in front of our defence editor in the thick snow as explosions are heard in the distance. A Ukrainian soldier later showed off his trophies of enemy kills to Jerome as they stood in the trenches. The soldier could be seen standing in the blizzard holding up a collection of patches he claimed to have taken from slain Russian troops.

Sumber : The SUN

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Inside Ukraine Invasion front line

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